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"This is a great opportunity for someone who has spent their career behind a desk and is anxious to use their hands — someone who is already in-tune with basic construction," said Bill Hale, CEO. "Our doors have an excellent reputation with pet owners, and we seek new team members who share our professionalism."


Are you

  • A self-starter who doesn’t need a “boss” to make sure the job gets done?
  • Someone who likes people and pets and wants the best for them?
  • A person who prides yourself on attention to detail and a job well done?

If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to these questions, your future is bright as a Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer.

We’re looking for people who want out of the “rat race” and aren’t satisfied with just making a living, but want to build a business to take themselves and their families to the next level.

Experience the Freedom of Self-Employment

If you’re tired of taking orders and want to be your own boss, it’s time to take charge of your job and your life. Becoming your own boss is liberating. You can manage your time and projects with the utmost efficiency because you answer only to your customers.

Don’t Become a Small Business Failure Statistic

Numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately the truth can be scary sometimes. When almost 50% of all new business startups are out of business within 5 years, it makes you think twice about starting a new business. There are lots of reasons for these failures, but one of the top reasons is failure to market your business. And it’s hard to market your business while you’re busy taking care of your customers.

Here’s where Hale Pet Door’s 26 years in business will help you succeed. We’ve survived several recessions and opened new markets with our proven marketing methods. Our Installer/ Dealers who have been established in a market for a year average 15 to 20 leads per month through their website alone.

When you become a Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer, all that knowledge and experience is part of the package. You’ll get a business name and logo, website, email and local phone number.

You’ll also get direction on how to make contacts in your local community to “get the word out” about your new business. Solid relationships are the bulwark of your business, and we’ll help you establish those relationships.

Sell a Product that Sells Itself

Hale Pet Door makes the highest quality pet doors with a proven track record. They are safe, durable and energy efficient. Hale Pet Door made the original double flap pet door in 1986 and pioneered the in-glass pet door application. When you become a Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer, you’ll be part of a company that cares about pets and their owners while providing a pet door that becomes an asset to the home where it’s installed.

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